Online Live Courses

Begin your career or grow your existing business through our online courses in Textile, Art and Design.

Advance Surface Pattern Design

In a nutshell, surface pattern design is the style of patterns that we see are printed on the products around us. If you take a moment to look around, you may see curtains, a piece of fabric, and a bookmark, pillows on your couch. Anything like that that has a pattern on it also has a designer who designed that pattern behind it. Do you aspire to one and bring your doodles to life? This course is for you.

Textiles for Fashion Entrepreneurs

Are you running a fashion business and struggling to choose the right fabric for your collection? Level up your textile knowledge and run your brand like a professional. Just Remember! Fashion comes from the materials and textiles in use. Don’t forget the roots before you start your brand.

Advance Textile Design (Master Course)

Are you driven towards details? Our advanced textile design course is a level-up course designed especially for participants wishing to specialise as designers and creators, with a desire to enhance surfaces for fashion or interiors with innovative designs.